> Ideal Indication L1832/L1833

Ideal Indications L1832/L1833

Mild to moderate ACL, PCL,MCI,LCL * Combined ligament instabilities *Patellar subluxation *Internally fixed fractures of tibial plateau, condyles, or proximal tibia and distal femur * rehabilitation after operative procesures or injury to knee ligaments, cartilage or stable.

Features Benefits

· 13” length with easy pull up & pull off loops.

· Adjustable R.O.M. design features polycentric adjustable hinges for convenient dial in adjustment of flexion/ extension control.

· Stops at 0-15 -30-60 & 90 degrees to full ROM.

· 2 Velcro circumference straps with elastic compression section.

· Horizontal latch top cap cover design ensures there is no inadvertent displacement of hinge pins.

· Medicare Approved

· HCPCS Code L1832/L1833